Community. Play. Support. Empowerment. Transformation.

Barbara Kaynan, MA, RDT

Guiding individuals & communities into reclamations of safety, inclusion, ​creativity, growth & joy in all the seasons of life.

I weave trauma-informed psychotherapy interventions with artistic ​modalities to facilitate individuals & communities toward healing & growth.

Anything Is Possible
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I specialize in meeting you or your ​community where you are now while ​inviting you to imagine and create with your ​innermost visions for healing and change.

Read more about my body of work to ​understand how expressive arts healing can ​offer you the opportunity for authentic, ​meaningful transformation.

Reach out to begin your individual or ​collective journey today.

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Body of Work

I am a Registered Drama Therapist with the North American ​Drama Therapy Association. I hold a Master's degree from ​NYU in Drama Therapy and a certificate from KINT Institute ​in the arts and trauma treatment. I specialize in trauma-​informed person-centered care; guiding individuals and ​groups, across treatment settings and cultural organizations, ​during times of big life transitions. Meeting people in this ​liminal space, I integrate depth-oriented psychotherapy with ​mystical art modalities to aid my clients' crossing through ​thresholds into newer, more authentic experiences. I am a ​published research scholar, peer review editor, and former ​professor at Long Island University-CW Post. Sessions can ​look like talking through issues as well as embodied, playful ​explorations and creations. I believe that your relationship ​with yourself and others is an art - one that can be rehearsed ​and rewoven into experiences for healthier living. Are you ​ready to take up space, honor your experience, and create the ​life you want to live? Contact me and let's begin our ​collaboration today!

Media Coverage

ABC11 coverage of Where Can I Go?

Documentary film co-directed by Barbara with Jesse ​Bonnell and Holocaust survivors of Wake County, NC

Selfhelp Witness Theater in Long Island

Therapeutic performance at Adelphi led by Barbara

NEWSDAY: Teens act out Holocaust survivors' stories in ​Witness Theater

Selfhelp Witness Theater at JCC Mid Westchester

Therapeutic performance at JCC MW directed by Barbara

Finding Community on Stage

Interview of Barbara on therapeutic theatre production of ​The Birds

Residents of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale perform in The ​Birds

A behind-the-scenes look at their therapeutic performance ​directed by Barbara

Reweaving Communities | My Community Invocation:

Transmuting pain into art, is a healing right we each possess.

To take our traumas and start, to create and assess.

To enter into praxis' ebb and flow, Venturing toward what we already know.

We forget our divine connection. Our inner wisdom requires compassionate resurrection.

Tending and tuning, Stretching and soothing, Longing and loving,

Holding and hugging, Releasing and trusting.

All this transmutes activation, into mindful medication,

movement for our ancestors, ourselves, and future generations.

We are The Movers and The Shakers, The Visionaries and The Change-Makers.

We have the power to raise the vibration, across the world, transcending nations.

We can integrate and alchemize, Ground, Flow, Ignite, and Rise!

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Testimonials: What it feels like to work with me

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Retreat sessions participants:

Testimonials: What it feels like to work with me

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Workshop participants:

"Barbara’s drama therapy group struck the perfect balance between feeling welcomed and accepted, while simultaneously challenging my vulnerability and pushing me out of my comfort zone. This created exactly the space I begin to feel growth."

"Barbara recently facilitated our Home for the Holidays 1/2 day retreat for the moms in our community and it was such a beautiful experience. She brought the participants together in a meaningful way and led us through an afternoon of thoughtful activities, discussions, and reflections. The moms had a fabulous time and shared how much the afternoon meant to them and that it was just what they needed. Barbara was a thoughtful, well-prepared, and engaging facilitator for our retreat. She brought a lovely and positive energy with her that made the day magical. We will absolutely use Barbara's services again for future events." - Crissy Fishbane, HER Health Collective

Creative Clinicians participant:

"This excellent group has a little bit of everything for the ​weary clinician. It's a chance to connect with peers and to ​find a little extra support both personally and ​professionally. There are unique and useful strategies to ​help you go deeper alongside your clients, and to refresh ​your practice if you've been feeling burned-out and ​stagnant. I'd recommend this excellent group to anyone ​who is looking for something fun and different, and it's ​great for those who are seeking a sense of renewal. Thank ​you, Barbara, for this little adventure that took me out of my ​comfort zone and reminded me of my own resiliency!"

Nisha Sajnani

Director of Drama Therapy Program and Theater & Health Lab for NYU

"Barbara Kaynan has worked closely with our graduate drama therapy program. Students and participants who have worked with her in our therapeutic theatre series have benefitted from her skills and capacity to be present with their experiences."

The 2018 Witness Theatre group of Holocaust survivors & adolescents, led by Barbara, reflects on their experience:

Current Offerings

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Reweaving Women’s Circle

Join an intergenerational community of women as we gather seasonally for play & transformation in ​alignment with the year’s equinoxes: a potent time to create with transitions, healing, & growth!

9:30am-3:30pm (bring lunch)

Sept 15 & Dec 22 (2024), March 16 & June 1 (2025)

at Sky Pond

Register Here

Check back soon for more info on

upcoming CE trainings, workshops, and more!

Equity tiered pricing at bundled

all 4 retreats rate:

Loom: $300 ($75 per retreat day)

Tapestry: $400 ($100 per retreat day)

Reweaving: $500 ($125 per retreat day)

Equity tiered pricing at drop-in

single retreat day:

Loom: $90

Tapestry: $115

Reweaving: $150

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Create With Me

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I am calling in collaborators and communities searching to create more:

More spaciousness.

More love.

More authenticity.

More alignment.

More creativity.

If that's you or your community, here's how you can reach me:

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Collaborators & Communities can email me here:

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Virtual community for creative musings, invitations, and tools:


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